Website Maintenance Plan

If you don’t have a maintenance and security plan for your website, it’s only a matter of time before it’s hacked – plain and simple. When a website is hacked, it can be devastating. Not only will you potentially lose your current website and all it’s latest data but it will have a drastic effect on your google rankings and SEO standings. It’s not only important to have a Prevention Plan but also a Backup Plan in place. Our monthly maintenance plan is very much affordable it won’t break the bank.


We keep your website updated, maintained, cleaned and running smooth and fast.

What you get

1. WordPress, theme updated
2. Site cleared and optimized
3. Plugins updated


Your site is monitored and protected from spam, malware & other evil internet agents.

What you get

1. Website protection
2. Daily scanning
3. Website monitoring


Your site is backed up weekly in multiple locations and can be restored at any time

What you get

1. Weekly website backups
2. Multiple backup locations
3. Daily restore points


We send you a monthly analytic report of your page views, site traffic and more…

What you get

1. Monthly analytics reports
2. Report on site updates
3. Tips and tricks